ENZO DI CAPRIO is not only the name of an utterly known and internationally appreciated hairdresser, but the representation of an uncommon character, evolving in different divisions from the fashion sphere to the world of events. After achieving his diploma as a make-up artist at the BCM School in Milan, Enzo immediately starts his collaboration with several Italian model agencies and different magazines, intending to conquer new horizons.

From Milan over Geneva to London, Enzo rapidly evolves into a vanguard photographer, an inspired make-up artist, as well as a visionary hairdresser. His passion for music not only offers the perfect inspiration to explore the music industry, but also turns him into a internationally renown a DJ at the same time, performing at manifold fashion shows, clubs and high-end hotels all around the globe.

Along with the creation of his own music, Enzo regularly performs with his bands, and collaborates with other artists in a variety of projects, too, which consequently allows him to involve his entire and passionate love for all kinds of creativity and imagination. Enzo developed his sense of fashion and imagery by merging his experience out of Italian beauty and British style.

His devotion to photography shines through the quality of his pictures: a personal and deeply expressional aspect of his ingenious world.  As a matter of fact, he elaborates the concepts, does the styling, and creates both the hair and make-up by himself, transmitting his innovative ability onto his models.
The sceneries he envisions are always inspired by a precise idea…



Rue du Musée 9 2000 Neuchâtel
Tel: +41(0)76 337 21 41